The fire spirit

The fire spirit

One upon a time, in an Uilta village, there lived a young family. The man did fishing and hunting while his wife took care of the house and their children. One morning, the man went out fishing and his wife decided to cook a meal for the family.  She started a fire, but it would not blaze up. She put some dry wood sticks in the fire and blew hard to get it going. Still the fire would not blaze up.  She got angry and started to poke the hearth with a knife to stir up the embers.

Suddenly, a spirit came out of the fire and said, “When you thrust your knife into the fire, the blade hurts me!”

With that, a cloud of thick smoke came out of the hearth, and the woman got frightened.

In the meanwhile, her husband got back home and saw no fire in the hearth and no food on the table. The woman told him about the fire spirit. The man shook his head and went out again.

After a while, he returned with a white baby deer that he had hunted in the woods. He gave the deer’s blood to the fire, and the fire blazed up. Then, he put the baby deer’s heart into the fire, and the fire burned even hotter.

Then, the man said, “We should offer food to the fire, too, And if someone in our house falls ill, we’ll need to offer some venison to the fire!”