An evenk woman and the evil changit

An evenk woman and the evil changit

Once upon a time, a hunter lived in the land of the Evenk with his young wife and their little baby.  They lived in the taiga, on the bank of a large river. One evening, the man came back home from the hunt, his wife gave him a meal, and their baby fell asleep.  Then the woman decided to go out and pick up some grass to line their olochi boots. She started picking up grass in the darkness and suddenly pulled someone’s hair. She realized that the owner of that hair was hiding and, therefore, had evil intentions.

“These grass blades are too strong,” said the woman. “I’ve got to look for grass elsewhere.”

Then, she ran back home and told her husband about what was going on.

He replied, “Looks like there are Changit raiders hiding in the grass. They will wait until we fall asleep, and then they will attack us. What can we do?”

His wife then woke up the baby, and the baby started crying. The woman shouted out to her husband, “Our baby just got burned! Quick, run to the boat where we store deer blood! Go ahead and fetch some!”

In the meanwhile, the woman was taking their tent apart and packing their bags. While the baby kept crying, the man carried all of their belongings to the river bank and placed them in their boat. Then, he shouted to his wife, “I can’t find that deer blood! Cove over and look for it yourself!”

His wife, carrying her baby, ran to the boat and got inside. Then, the three of them sailed off. When they were a safe distance from the shore, the wife started to sing in a loud voice, “Hey, you stupid Changit! We have fooled you! You will be looking for us for a long time, but you’ll never find us!”

The Changit got completely mad and started shooting arrows toward the river but could not see anything in the darkness. So, having fooled the Changit, the Evenk family got away. 

That’s why the elders say that there is no-one in the taiga who is stronger or smarter that the Evenk folk.